10 Things We Learnt From Reddit About Understanding Climate Change #Auspol 

Great eye-opener.


Two professors of cognitive psychology – Stephan Lewandowsky, from the University of Bristol, and Klaus Oberauer, from the University of Zurich – did a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) this week.
The topic up for discussion was: “The conflict between our brains and our globe: How will we meet the challenges of the 21st century despite our cognitive limitations?”
Climate change was (unsurprisingly) brought up repeatedly. Here are 10 things we learnt about understanding climate change:
1. Climate change is a BIG problem
Let’s face it: even the most optimistic among us can be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what it means to tackle climate change. How can we push past this barrier?
“I think [this is] a core problem about climate change: Even people who are willing to accept the scientific evidence are paralysed by the enormity of the task,” Lewandowsky said.
“If you scare people without offering…

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4 thoughts on “10 Things We Learnt From Reddit About Understanding Climate Change #Auspol 

  1. The Sods are even ashamed to call it ”global warming” because is CON!
    From summer climate goes into winter climate / on the opposite hemisphere simultaneously goes from winter climate into summer climate; no carbon rip-off can change that. b] where is wet climate, sometimes becomes dry climate – other occasions gets wet even in Sahara for few days. that is climate change, is constant; same as moon is constantly orbiting the earth BUT: the sun is not orbiting the earth; same as there is NO GLOBAL WARMING!!! How stupid the Warmist followers can get…?!


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      1. Sam, depend what ”solution” means for you. Will be a bit louder than on other conferences, thy will succeed to promote the ”non existent global warming” / called climate change = success for them.

        Because the leading Warmist know that warming doesn’t exist – IF people keep increasing CO2-> the public will realize that co2 has nothing to do with any phony warming ; billions already spent = those Warmist will be in deep trouble.

        Second version: even if people keep increasing co2 release – if they can con the west that they stopped increase of co2 = non existent global warming didn’t come -> they will take complete control of democratic west, will keep rewarding themselves by ripping off the public forever= democracy lost.

        It’s same as: you declare that: before Christmas the moon will slam into the earth BUT: for billions of dollars you can prevent that of happening -> when next January the moon is still in the sky -> you demand respect and many more billions of dollars for next 100years, to keep the moon in the sky AND: people must do everything you say, because YOU saved the planet earth. That’s the plan.

        Footnote: they were planing on Kyoto conference to make agreement with every country to cut emission; because global warming doesn’t exist – obviously cannot come, and they accomplished to be ”the saviors of the planet” – unfortunately for them, China, Brazil, India kept increasing pollution…. so: they declared that the phony ”global warming is got a ”pause”
        Simultaneously that was used as ”reverse psychology” for the ”Skeptics” to blindly support the ”phony pause”
        IF the public knows the truth – anybody with two brain-cells functioning can see that the ”overall’ global temp is same as any other year! Nobody monitors on 99,99999999999999% of the planet – nobody knows what’s the global temperature, to save his / her life. that’s the truth, nothing but the truth!


      2. I posted this over at Energy Matters, you won’t find the BBC or MSM reporting this stuff.
        Snow on Mauna Kea Hawaii
        Snow in South Africa
        80Cm of Snow in Chile
        Hail in Dakota
        Heavy Snow and very cold in Argentina
        Frost in the USA and Europe
        Cold causing extra cases of Pnuemonia in Peru
        Very Cold in North Vietnam
        Snow in Papua & Indonesia
        Cold in Japan
        Snow in Bolivia, 75,000 cattle at risk
        Heaviest Snowfall in Peru in years kills 171,850 Alpaca.
        Snow in California.
        Record cold in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Michigan, records broken by as much as 10 degrees F not by 10ths of a degree like the hot temps.
        Heavy snowfall in Vorkuta, Russia
        Shanghai – Lowest temperature in 145 years


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